Employee Profiles

The following pages contain the information about P2GE graduates. In each of the employee profiles you will find a Resume, Cover letter, Instructor Evaluations, and a  Skills Profile developed by our Green Job Coach.  These documents should give you information about the candidate to determine if you would like to schedule an interview.
As a potential employer you also have the opportunity to visit our recruits during the hands-on portion of their training.  The hands-on portion of the class falls during the 3rd week of training. Consult the P2GE calendar to determine the exact dates for this section of the class to schedule a time to visit the class during the hands-on sessions contact our Green Job Coach.

     Employers also have two opportunities to interview our candidates.
  1.  We hold a job fair after the graduation ceremony of each class. This is a time when all of the graduates will be together in the same place so multiple interviews can take place on the same day. Consult the P2GE calendar for the exact dates of the Job Fair.
  2. Alternatively, we can schedule private interviews with any of our candidates a a time a place most convenient for you. To set up a private interview select the Set up an Interview! link within the "For Employers" folder at the left, or Contact the Green Job Coach Directly.

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