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What is the Green Economy?

The premise for P2GE started with this problem:

There are 2 power plants slated for construction in South Carolina by the year 2016. The necessity for these plants has been based on the need to keep up with electricity demand. The cost of these plants will be bore by the users, so we can expect electricity costs to rise as a result of the construction and operating costs.

The Sustainability Institute looks at the problem in a different light:
Give us:
  •  the same amount of funding,
  • responsibility for the same number of households
We will remove the need for the power plants, and we can do it by putting hundreds and thousands of people back to work.
Investing in efficiency is an economy mover,
one that keeps us productive and profitable.

Pathways to a Green Economy supports this mission with a sustainable workforce. A workforce of professionals who understand how to incorporate efficiency into a successful business plan.

The Sustainability Institute will further support our employers with a Home Performance Guild. businesses who incorporate high-performance and efficiency measures into their construction and management practices will be supported with technical expertise and marketing assistance. the specific goal of the Home Performance Guild is to funnel business to the companies doing it right!

If you are one of these companies, Contact Benjamin Leigh at the Sustainability Institute to become a member of our guild today!